1930 Packard Brewster - Diecast

1930 Packard Brewster

The 1:43 scale Packard Brewster represents the ultimate collectible for vintage vehicles and automotive history enthusiasts.

This exclusive 1930 Packard Brewster Diecast from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Embellished with lustrous metallic accents meticulously applied by master craftsmen, these details add a touch of sophistication and elegance
  • Expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each component is meticulously manufactured by skilled artisans through a painstaking process
  • Enhanced with authentic hand coloring techniques meticulously executed by experienced artists, each hue is carefully chosen and delicately applied to ensure a rich and vibrant appearance that exudes authenticity and charm
Measures approx. 11.4 cm L

S&H: $9.99

Comes with our famous 365-day guarantee
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The company Brewster & Co. was founded in 1810 and built “carriages for the American gentleman” – a phrase that became their slogan. The company later built bodies for Rolls-Royce and Packard. Priced at a staggering $7,000, the Packard Brewster was one of the most expensive models offered in the 1930s. And so the Packard Brewster is a reminder of a bygone era of extravagance and style that you can now add to your collection with this exclusive model.

Every detail of this 1:43 scale model car is carefully recreated by hand to reflect the unique beauty and sophisticated style of the original. From the extravagant hood ornament to the elegant whitewall tires, everything is hand-painted in authentic colors. Shiny metallic accents provide the final touch of vintage luxury.


The 1930 Packard Brewster Diecast available only from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Delicate metallic elements adorn the model, adding a touch of opulence reminiscent of the original Packard Brewster
  • Artisans hand-paint each component, capturing the nuanced hues and shades of the original vehicle's design
  • Recreating the allure of a bygone era, this model encapsulates the essence of 1930s luxury and sophistication
  • Every interior detail, from the dashboard to the upholstery, is carefully reproduced to evoke the ambiance of the original vehicle
  • The model features meticulously crafted whitewall tires, reflecting the classic style synonymous with luxury automobiles of the 1930s
  • The ornate hood ornament is faithfully replicated, serving as a distinctive emblem of the Packard Brewster's elegance
  • Scale size - 1:43 scale
  • Measures 11.4 cm in Length
  • Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Comes with our famous 365-day guarantee