'1935 Duesenberg SSJ' 1:24-Scale Sculpture

'1935 Duesenberg SSJ' Sculpture

A unique and officially licensed 1:24 collector scale 1935 Duesenberg SSJ replica with official emblems, including the 'Duesenbird' hood ornaments! Faithfully replicated, with year-specific trim lines

The exclusive '1935 Duesenberg SSJ' 1:24-Scale Sculpture from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Expertly handcrafted and faithfully replicated, with year-specific trim lines
  • Precisely sculpted in resin to preferred 1:24 collector scale
  • Showcases official emblems, including iconic 'Duesenbird' hood ornaments
1:24 scale, measure approximately 20.5 cm L

S&H: $14.99

Available in 3 instalments of $43.33 Comes with our famous 365-day guarantee
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Step into the bygone era of automotive royalty with the legendary 1935 Duesenberg SSJ. A masterpiece born from a challenge set by visionary Errett Lobban Cord, it embodies the fusion of power, artistry, and exclusivity. Amidst the glamour of the 1930s, the SSJ reigned as the ultimate symbol of luxury, capturing the hearts of movie icons, dignitaries, and captains of industry. With a race car-like chassis and customisable body, it stood as a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and a canvas for individuality. The SSJ's roaring 420 cubic-inch engine generated a remarkable 400 horsepower, delivering exhilarating speeds that left a trail of envy in its wake. Limited to just under 500 units, it remains an elusive gem, commanding the attention of collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

Relive the allure of the 1935 Duesenberg SSJ with the meticulously crafted '1935 Duesenberg SSJ' resin sculpture, an exclusive offering from The Bradford Exchange. Immerse yourself in its intricate design, from the captivating body contours to the exquisite white-walled tires and wire-spoke wheels. This 1:24 collector-scale masterpiece faithfully captures every detail, paying homage to the car's heritage. The carefully sculpted resin showcases the sleek body, side-mounted spare tire, and iconic 'Duesenbird' hood ornament. A personalised vanity plate highlights the distinguished model year. Own a piece of history that encapsulates the essence of power and luxury, a testament to the golden age of automotive excellence, available only through The Bradford Exchange.

This sculpture which showcases the most powerful, luxurious and expensive American-built Duesenberg cars will not be sold in stores – it’s available only from The Bradford Exchange. Order now!


The exclusive '1935 Duesenberg SSJ' 1:24-Scale Sculpture from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Experience the evolution of the fastest and most prestigious car built in America with The Best in Show Duesenberg Sculpture
  • Expertly handcrafted of artist's resin, this 1:24-scale 1935 Duesenberg SSJ sculptures showcase all the incredible styling that made these cars so sought after
  • Features official emblems, including the iconic "Duesenbird" hood ornament, wire spoke wheels, hand-painted in a gleaming metallic finish, and a vanity plate showing the model's production year
  • From its rich showroom finishes and sleek body to their distinctive trim lines, side-mounted spares, and silvery-painted accents, the 1935 Duesenberg SSJ Automobile captures the extraordinary detail of the original
  • Editions limited to 95 casting days, so order now!
  • Hand-numbered with matching Certificates of Authenticity
  • 1:24 scale, measure approximately 20.5 cm L(8-1/8" L)