1:18-Scale 1967 Ford GT-40 MK IV

1967 Ford GT-40 MK IV

Precision-engineered, 1:18-scale Ford GT-40 diecast car boasts official race graphics, detailed interior, replica Goodyear tires and more.

Available only from The Bradford Exchange – you won't find this edition anywhere else!

  • Recapture 1967's triumph with the meticulous 1:18-Scale Ford GT-40 MK IV Diecast Car
  • Marvel at the GT-40's J chassis, 7.0 L engine, and authentic design by Shelby Collectibles
  • Relive Le Mans as you admire every detail, feeling the GT-40's dominance on track
1:18 scale, measures 25.5cm L x 10cm W x 7.5cm H

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Introducing the 1:18-Scale 1967 Ford GT-40 MK IV Diecast Car – A Tribute to Racing Excellence!  Relive the iconic triumph of the 1967 Le Mans Grand Prix d’Endurance with the meticulously crafted 1:18-Scale Ford GT-40 MK IV Diecast Car. This exceptional masterpiece, presented by The Bradford Exchange, manufactured by Shelby Collectibles, and distributed by OK Toys, captures the very essence of Ford's racing innovation and engineering excellence that defined an era. Built around a reinforced J chassis and powered by a 7.0 L engine, the MK IV GT-40 was the embodiment of American innovation. Its unique design, highlighted by a long and streamlined body, allowed it to achieve incredible top speeds, a crucial factor in its victory at Le Mans. The incorporation of a NASCAR-style steel-tube roll cage not only added to its safety but also showcased the lengths to which Ford went to ensure the car's success. 

Immerse yourself in the legacy of the GT-40's landmark victory in 1967 as you hold this intricately designed collectable. With every glance, you'll be transported back to the thrilling Le Mans race that showcased the GT-40's dominance, as it led with remarkable precision for all but the first 90 minutes of the race. 

Craftsmanship and attention to detail are at the heart of this must-have collectable. From its sleek and iconic design to its finely articulated interior, every inch of the 1:18-scale diecast car embodies the spirit of racing history. The interior reveals astonishingly authentic details, from the polished bucket seats to the intricate dashboard instrumentation, all meticulously recreated to mirror the original. Open the boot to discover a highly detailed compartment that houses manufacturer-specific engine intricacies and chrome-coloured components, a testament to the car's remarkable engineering.

Dressed in the vibrant red paint colour of the original and adorned with the official race graphics, this diecast car stands as a faithful tribute to the GT-40's iconic appearance on the track. The attention to detail extends to the rubber steerable tyres mounted on diecast rims, ensuring a level of accuracy that collectors and enthusiasts will truly appreciate.  As a fitting tribute to this remarkable piece of automotive history, the 1:18-Scale Ford GT-40 MK IV Diecast Car is a collector's dream come true. With its precise 1:18 scale dimensions measuring 25.5cm L x 10cm W x 7.5cm H, it's the perfect addition to any enthusiast's collection. Experience the legacy of Ford's triumph at Le Mans with a collectable that captures the heart and soul of the GT-40's victory. Relive the thrilling era of racing excellence and innovation by ordering your own 1:18-Scale Ford GT-40 MK IV Diecast Car today. Demand is anticipated to be high, so secure yours now and own a piece of racing history that continues to inspire generations.


This collectable 1967 Ford GT-40 MK IV diecast car presented by The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Celebrate the landmark win of the GT-40’s victory with the '1:18-Scale Ford GT-40 MK IV 1967', presented by The Bradford Exchange
  • Manufactured by Shelby Collectibles and distributed by OK Toys
  • The finely articulated interior reveals incredible, authentic detail including sleek bucket seats to the dashboard instrumentation
  • Open the boot and inside you’ll find the highly detailed compartment complete with manufacturer-specific engine detail and chrome-coloured parts
  • Your superior 1:18-scale GT-40 boasts the official race graphics and vibrant red paint colour of the original
  • This diecast car boasts rubber Goodyear steerable tires on diecast rims for a perfect finishing touch
  • 1:18 scale, measures 25.5cm L x 10cm W x 7.5cm H