Birds of the Bush Pendant Set

Australian Birds Ladies Necklace Set

4 Pendants in one! Four glass pendants with an Australian art, heartfelt sentiments, 1 genuine Swarovski Crystal on each heart pendant. Custom gift box.

Pendants measure 2.5 cm H; sterling silver-plated chain measures 46 cm L

P&H: $19.99

Available in 5 instalments of $39.99 Comes with our famous 120-day guarantee.
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With feathered plumage as bright as the most coveted gems, it’s no wonder our birds of the bush are cherished as jewels of nature. Their appearance in our gardens make us pause and reflect on the blessings they bring into our lives. Now, these same gifts are artfully expressed in a new jewellery set inspired by the beloved works of Hall of Fame artist Joy Scherger. Our Birds of the Bush Pendant Set is a gorgeous collection of four beautifully faceted heart pendants that shine with Joy’s radiant bird art and bring you messages of joy, hope, faith and happiness to carry with you always, only from The Bradford Exchange

Expertly crafted, each pendant in this set features an intricately-faceted heart that celebrates the meaningful sighting of a precious bird of the bush. Joy Scherger’s cherished watercolour art is showcased within the hearts. Every beautiful hue and shade shines as never before thanks to the elegantly reflective quality of the glass heart and the faceted edges which sparkle with a jewel-like radiance. Each pendant connects a bird of the bush with an inspiring gift of nature: a Splendid Fairy Wren for joy, a Crimson Rosella for hope, a Rainbow Lorikeet for faith, and a Laughing Kookaburra for happiness. The reverse side of the hearts share the bird’s special gift and reproduce Joy’s signature. A clear Swarovski crystal sparkling within the rhodium platinum-plated bail completes the look, which includes a coordinating 46cm chain. Your Birds of the Bush Pendant Set arrives in a custom presentation case for safe keeping, with a Certificate of Authenticity that attests to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. It also includes a card that tells the meaning behind each bird with accompanying Joy Scherger artwork. It’s wonderful fine jewellery for any woman inspired by nature and the jewelled splendour of our favourite birds of the bush! High demand is expected so don’t delay, order now!

Joy: Splendid Fairy Wren

Splendid indeed, from the remarkable iridescent blue of its feathers (called nuptual plumage) when courting, to its ceaseless energy. Its main call is clear and lively, balanced by enchanting chirps and churrs. Restless and highly active when foraging, it punctuates its non-stop food searches with joyous song.

Hope: Crimson Rosella

Hope and its cousin, optimism, are reflected in the Crimson Rosella’s colouring, abundant in bright red plumage (sometimes orange or yellow) flanked by bright blue sides. The brightness provides amazingly successful camouflage and its range of calls, especially the loud double chirp, signtify its hopeful approach to life.

Happiness: Laughing Kookaburra

The rowdy laughter of a Kookaburra and its raffish head feathers give it a larrikin look appropriate to one of Australia’s favourite birds. The laugh, while sounding deceptively happy, is actually a strong territorial warning for other birds to go away. The loud laugh often sets off a group to create a chorus.

Faith: Rainbow Lorikeet

The unmistakably colourful Rainbow Lorikeet is instantly recognisable for its red beak and riotously rainbow-bright plumage: blue, yellow, red, orange, blue tinged with purple, green, improbably providing highly successful bush camouflage. Loved by all, often handfed, it reveals an abundant faith in human beings seldom seen in other birds.


This Birds of the Bush Pendant Set exclusive to The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Bring nature into your everyday style with the Birds of the Bush Pendant Set exclusive to The Bradford Exchange
  • Each pendant comes with a genuine sparkling Swarovski crystal set in bail rhodium-platinum plating and full colour image of an Australian bird
  • 4 Pendants in one! Each bird represents a gift of Joy, Hope, Happiness and Faith Comes with a deluxe display case & custom card explaining the gift bestowed by each bird. Reverse of each pendant shares the bird’s gift and features the artists signature.
  • Showcases the highly-sought bird artistry of Joy Scherger beautifully recreated on faceted heart pendants
  • Comes with an Official Certificate of Authenticity
  • Pendants measure 2.5 cm H; sterling silver-plated chain measures 46 cm L