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Collectable Dolls

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Collectable Dolls That Are So Realistic

Whether you are an avid doll collector, looking for a realistic doll gift for someone special, or are excited to experience the world of collectable dolls for the very first time, The Ashton-Drake Galleries would like to help. We offer a wide range of collectable dolls - from baby dolls and interactive dolls to elegant fashion dolls and breathtaking fantasy dolls - providing exciting options for everyone. This is especially true when the collectable doll you choose is one of our lifelike baby dolls, toddler dolls, or child dolls; these realistic collectable dolls are superb artistic recreations of real babies and children that will astound you with their realism. Our landmark So Truly Real® dolls, Tiny Miracles™ dolls, and Heavenly Handfuls dolls bring you the amazingly lifelike creations of the world's leading doll artists, each one an award-winning specialist who can sculpt the most delicate, realistic and endearing details.

Lifelike Baby Dolls Are So Very Special

From the gentle curve of a chubby cheek, to the slender fingers and toes of a newborn, to the wispy baby hair and delicate baby eyelashes that make real babies so appealing, these lifelike baby dolls are so real that you simply can't resist picking them up to cuddle as you would a real child. And sometimes, you even have the option to name your collectable doll too! And don't forget, that in order to give you complete peace of mind, we offer the most generous guarantee ever - 365 days to return any of our collector dolls. Are you ready to see some of the most adorable faces you've ever seen? Just have a look at our collectable lifelike dolls, including our highly sought-after bride dolls. Shop Now!