The Arthurian Legend Commemorative Collection

Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table - Subscription

A unique, each piece is fully layered with pure 24-carat gold. Meticulously crafted, these artifacts stand as a timeless homage to the legendary tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

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This exclusive King Arthur Commemorative Coin Collection from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Gilded in pure 24K gold, a tangible link to literary value
  • Limited to 4,999 worldwide, each coin bears a unique number
  • Meticulously crafted, capturing the essence of King Arthur's legendary tales

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Diameter Measures: 38.6mm

S&H: $9.99

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In the grand tapestry of history, the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table stands as a beacon of chivalry and heroism. The tale was first woven into the fabric of literature by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the 12th century, within his imaginative work, 'History of the Kings of Britain.' This fabled narrative recounts the exploits of a young hero, Arthur, the son of Uther Pendragon. Against the backdrop of the relentless Saxon invaders, Arthur emerged victorious against all odds, leading a band of devoted knights. The foundation of his kingdom rested on the noble principles of chivalry, courage, mercy, and the triumph of 'right over might.' Enter Issue One, the 'King Arthur Commemorative,' a masterpiece that dramatically captures the essence of this romantic era. Each piece in this glorious collection unfolds in 24ct gold plate, bringing to life the legends of the Round Table with tales of daring and danger, encapsulating the very spirit of Arthurian lore. Limited to 4,999 pieces worldwide, this commemorative edition invites you to partake in the heritage of a bygone era, where the code of knights and the magic of Camelot reign supreme.

As the 'King Arthur Commemorative' takes centre stage, it is not merely an artifact but a testament to the enduring legacy of a legendary saga. Crafted with meticulous detail and finished in resplendent 24ct gold plate, each piece is a collector's dream. The limited edition of 4,999 worldwide ensures exclusivity and rarity. Beyond its aesthetic allure, this commemorative edition is the inaugural chapter in a series that promises to unfold the entire Arthurian epic. Future releases are poised to delve into the mythical realms of "Excalibur" and the valorous exploits of "Sir Lancelot," offering enthusiasts the unparalleled opportunity to traverse the heroic journey alongside King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. With every issue, this collection becomes a living testament to the enduring appeal of a timeless legend, inviting aficionados to claim their rightful place in the rich history and lore of Camelot. Order Now!

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This exclusive King Arthur Commemorative Coin Collection from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Meticulously crafted, each piece is finished in resplendent 24ct gold plate, ensuring a luxurious and timeless aesthetic that pays homage to the legendary saga
  • Inspired by Geoffrey of Monmouth's 'History of the Kings of Britain,' the commemorative edition captures the essence of the Arthurian legend, bringing to life the tales of bravery and chivalry
  • Beyond its artistic appeal, this commemorative edition serves as the inaugural chapter in a series that promises to unfold the entire Arthurian epic, making it a coveted item for collectors and enthusiasts
  • Intended as a collector item, this Proof-minted crown is fully layered with pure 24-carat gold
  • The edition limit of this coin is 4,999 worldwide
  • Proof, highest quality possible struck especially for the collector
  • Each coin comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Planned production depends on reservations received
Ordering a Collection by Subscription Plan:
  • Reserve the entire 'King Arthur Commemorative' Coin Collection so you never risk an increase on the price of other collectables in this collection, or miss a single issue of this collection
  • Each issue will be shipped to you for your review, at regular intervals (pending availability), and charged to the credit card on which your order was placed. No need to order each one separately
  • The 'King Arthur Commemorative' Coin Collection starts with Issue one “King Arthur”, Issue Two: "Excalibur", followed by Issue Three: "Sir Lancelot", and additional pins as they become available. Each issue to be sent at monthly intervals as they become available.
  • Price details for AUS Residents: Issue One, “Man From Snowy River Comm.” is available at the special introductory price of just $39.99 (plus $9.99 P&H). Additional coins in this collection may be yours for only $89.99 (plus $9.99 P&H), each issue to be sent at regular intervals as they become available
  • When you choose a collection, subsequent issues will automatically sent to you at regular intervals. You only pay for those items that you wish to keep and you may cancel at any time, obligation free.

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