The King Charles III Coronation £5 Coin Collection

The King Charles III Coronation Collection - Subscription

To celebrate the historic crowning of King Charles III, a brand new £5 coin has just been authorised for release - The King Charles III Coronation £5 Coin

This exclusive collection of commemorative King Charles III Coin Collection from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Coin design officially approved by Buckingham Palace
  • Limited Mintage - just 49,995 coins will be released
  • Includes the official King Charles III Coronation Collectors' Presentation Folder - FREE

Collection issued under subscription

Measures 38.6mm in diameter
$39.99 First Issue

S&H: $9.99

$39.99 Introductory price for the first issue. Further issues priced at $89.99 each.
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Your exclusive invitation to celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III

Britain has a new monarch, and on May 6, 2023, we celebrate the first royal coronation for 70 years, a landmark event in British history that few of us will have experienced before. To celebrate this momentous milestone, The King Charles III Coronation £5 Coin has been authorised for release, one of the first coins to receive royal approval to celebrate the occasion.

The Coronation of King Charles III signifies the start of a new era

Our nation's history is often told through the monarchs who have shaped it, and Royal coronations mark the chapters of our past. Before the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, coronations were more frequent events, and due to Her late Majesty’s remarkable 70-year reign, our knowledge and memories of the centuries-old rituals and regalia associated with coronations have dimmed over time. Buckingham Palace has confirmed that “The Coronation will reflect the monarch’s role today and look towards the future while being rooted in longstanding traditions and pageantry.” And so begins a new chapter in our history, the Second Carolean Age. An era that will undoubtedly become known as one of pride, progress and further modernisation of our ancient monarchy.

The King Charles III Coronation £5 Coin celebrates both British history and its future

Importantly King Charles III’s coronation is a celebration not only of His Majesty but also an ode to tradition and legacy. These elements are perfectly reflected in the coin’s design.

On the obverse is Jody Clark's exceptional portrait of our new king. Jody Clark designed the Fifth (and final) Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, which appeared on all her British coinage from 2015 to 2022. King Charles has chosen to be portrayed without a crown for his coinage, keeping it understated and 'simple' and modern.

The coin’s reverse is an iconic nod to history. The striking St. Edwards Crown takes centre stage. This was the same crown that Queen Elizabeth II wore during her coronation 70 years ago, and it will be this crown that King Charles III will wear during his own coronation. A richly symbolic representation of Britain's monarchy, its traditions and a reminder of the continuation of the line of our monarchy.

Struck to a gleaming collector’s Proof finish & layered in pure Silver

In recognition of the significance of this, the first coronation we are witnessing for 70 years, the King Charles III Coronation £5 Coin has been layered in pure silver, struck in Crown size (38.6mm), the traditional size reserved for Royal commemoratives and to a PROOF finish. This is the highest quality possible, coveted by collectors: each coin struck not once but twice onto a specially prepared mirrored surface.

A beautiful tribute with Royal Approval, but only 49,995 coins will be issued

Not only is it beautifully crafted, but the coin is also absolutely official - fully approved by Buckingham Palace and the King himself.  In a further nod to history, the mintage of The King Charles III Coronation £5 Coin has been set at just 49,995 worldwide.  It has been chosen to match the mintage of our late Queen’s 1953 Coronation Proof Crown coin.  And once it has sold out, no more can be produced ever. With immense interest in the new coinage of King Charles III, demand is likely to be extremely high, so please don't miss your chance to reserve your limited-edition King Charles III Coronation £5 coin today! 

FREE Official Collectors' Presentation Folder

Together with The King Charles III Coronation £5 Coin, you will receive the official Coronation Collectors' Folder. This beautifully illustrated pack provides a protective and timeless home for your coin and reveals the history behind the ancient ceremony, pageantry, ritual and regalia that mark the succession of the monarchy of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth of Nations. Accompanying your folder is the Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing your coin's specifications and provenance. Both are yours COMPLETELY FREE with our compliments, with your order.

Five future coins are planned to be released leading up to and following His Majesty's Coronation. By ordering the King Charles III Coronation £5 Coin, you will join our priority list to receive the coins in The King Charles III Coronation Coin Set for just $39.99 + $9.99p&h each, and they will be sent to you to preview on our 14-day no-obligation home approval service. We promise you’ll never have to keep a coin you don’t absolutely love. Each edition will come with a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing its specifications and provenance, FREE of charge.

The King Charles III Coronation £5 Coin is available on pre-order today for just $39.99 + (p&h)

The Coronation of our new King on the 6th of May is such a momentous occasion that we have reserved the full allocation of the 49,995 mintage for our collectors. The coins will be released in April, in time for the Coronation celebrations, and we are now accepting pre-orders. We will keep you informed of the delivery date of your coin as soon as it is minted. You will not be charged for your coin until it is ready to be sent to you.

Millions are expected to watch the coronation; we expect considerable demand when this coin is open to general release in April 2023. Given the significance of the first coronation in 70 years, a sell-out is predicted. To ensure you secure your enduring reminder of this momentous event in our country’s history, you’ll need to act fast; reserve your £5 coin today.

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This exclusive King Charles III Coronation £5 Coin Collection from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Honour the historic beginning of His Majesty's reign with The King Charles III Coronation £5 Coin Collection, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange
  • LIMITED EDITION – Limited to 49,995 numbered issues that will ever be minted
  • HIGH SPECIFICATION – Intended as a collector item, each crown in this collection is fully layered with pure silver
  • INCREDIBLE DETAIL – Depicts the effigy of King Charles III by engraver Jody Clark
  • AUTHENTICATION – An informative Certificate of Authenticity is yours FREE with each crown
  • MEASUREMENTS – Measures 38.6mm in diameter
  • INTRODUCTORY PRICE Issue One is available for the special introductory price of just $39.99 (PLUS $9.99 P&H); additional coins in this collection may be yours for only $89.99 (PLUS $9.99 P&H)