KISS Musical Miniature Arcade Sculpture

KISS: Arcade Multiverse Sculpture

Limited to 4,000 worldwide! Vinyl arcade machine with lights, 80s-style artwork and bold KISS® imagery. Plays 8-bit KISS music.

This exclusive KISS: Arcade Multiverse Sculpture from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • The sculpture features intricate details inspired by the entire band as well as individual members, such as The Demon and The Starchild, showcasing their iconic imagery, logos, and persona emblems
  • The sculpture come to life with illuminated screens and marquees, adding to the immersive experience. Additionally, playing chiptune 8-bit KISS music
  • With only 4,000 complete sculptures available worldwide, this sculpture is highly collectible


Measure 7.62 cm W x 15.24 cm H

S&H: $14.99

Available in 3 instalments of $49.99 Comes with our famous 365-day guarantee

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Audacious. Outsized. Explosively raucous. Like the 80s era itself, the legendary band KISS® left a giant footprint on world musical history and remains one of the most influential rock ensembles ever to pack an auditorium. The 1980s also brought new technology and creative design to arcade games, which were making their own noise in the entertainment world. And now, with these musical KISS arcade sculpture, you can imagine yourself in an alternate universe where your passion for these iconic entertainers is recreated in a classic arcade machine! Introducing the KISS: Arcade Multiverse Sculpture, available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange.

This unique sculpture recaptures the thrill of a coin-op arcade game with retro arcade colors and authentic 80s-style design. The KISS Arcade showcases four controller knobs as well as bold KISS imagery, logos, character emblems and colors corresponding to all four original band members. This KISS collectible features sculpted coin slots and returns, as well as an illuminating screen and marquee. Plus, it plays the sound of chiptune 8-bit KISS music for a nostalgic final touch. Edition is limited to just 4,000 worldwide, and strong demand is anticipated - so don't delay. Order now!


This exclusive KISS® arcade sculpture from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Transport yourself to a new rocking retro universe with the KISS®: Arcade Multiverse Sculpture, available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange
  • This musical KISS arcade sculptures recaptures the thrill of a coin-op arcade game with retro arcade colors and authentic 80s-style design
  • Inspired by the whole band and individual members, this miniature arcade sculpture feature controller knobs, bold KISS imagery, logos and persona emblems, as well as sculpted coin slots and returns
  • Lights up! The marquee and screen on each KISS collectible illuminate
  • Plays music! Chiptune 8-bit KISS music plays for the perfect, nostalgia-inducing final touch
  • Require 3 "AAA" batteries (not included)
  • Edition limited to 4,000 worldwide, so order now!
  • Certificates of Authenticity