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Coins are the currency of our lives. Every day, they have a marked presence in all that we do. They’re also the single most coveted form in today’s collectables market. Their heritage reaches back over three millennia and speaks to us with a voice of authority and wisdom which acknowledges who we are. The history of a coin, its origin, its minting and its rarity is, in a very real sense, our own history. The Bradford Exchange and coins are a natural fit. It’s a privilege and responsibility we take seriously. When we join forces with the major mints of the world, we bring you coin issues which recall moments in history which define you and I. Just like the coins featured in this showcase. From military history which reflects our national character, to royal moments which became headline news, to pop culture icons, larger than life, our triumphs and our tragedies are reflected in the gleam of 24-carat gold. For your consideration, we proudly present our finest minted coins. Happy Browsing! In almost five decades as the world’s most trusted authority on collectables, The Bradford Exchange has consistently offered collectors the world’s finest editions. Our Gallery Editions signature hallmark offers discerning collectors issues which, in every respect, would reside proudly in the world's finest art galleries. Crafted by artisans at the very peak of their profession. This catalogue brings you limited edition prints, commemorative plates in our exclusive Heirloom Porcelain® and other editions which act as doorways to other times and other places. And while each one is crafted to a true gallery standard, it is more affordable than you may think. Thanks to the global resources of The Bradford Exchange, we can offer you these rare limited editions at a value price. These Heirloom Editions are rare treasures to be savoured and passed down through the generations as the family heirloom it truly is. Happy Browsing! The popularity of home renovation shows on TV reminds me just how important it is to surround ourselves with the objects which mean most to us. After all, how we choose to decorate our havens proudly lets the whole world know just who we are. Our range of home décor treasures continue to bring beautiful new dimensions to the homes of discerning collectors. From traditional wall displays to intricate figurines and quality furnishings, you can be assured of innovation, value and that “wow” factor that gets people talking. Our latest showcase gives you appealing choices across themes which always bring a smile to your face and a glow to your heart. Recent anniversaries and milestones of the Apollo moon landing, history making military campaigns, pop culture superstars and so much more, create for you a place to truly call home! Happy Browsing! The fashion you choose is one of the most powerful statements you can make. Wrapped in a favourite brand or theme, you can make an entrance that sets you apart. Especially if you choose The Bradford Exchange as your personal stylist! Our latest apparel showcase brings you a wealth of choices across the themes that you know and love. And because we understand the need for a total look, we’ve created coordinating accessories. When you step through your front door, the world will know who you are and what you love! As you look through the book, you’ll discover outfits recalling proud cultural tributes, the courage of our Anzac heroes, the world of entertainment, sport and so much more. Since you choose to shop with us, you know your choice is risk-free thanks to our no questions asked, money-back, and guarantee. Plus, our Free Preview offer means you see before you buy. That’s a privilege you get nowhere else! Happy Browsing!

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