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Our Catalogues



Jewellery Catalogue Out Now!

As Coco Chanel once said, "fashion changes, but style endures." The doyenne of haute couture knew the secret of eternal style – make it classics and stand apart from the rest. Our Master Jewellers design by the same rules. Our latest jewellery showcase brings you editions that transcend time to become intimate statement pieces now and for always. The pieces in our personalised portfolio featured on page 8 and 9 remains as fresh as the day they were released. Much like the relationships they seek to honour. Our range of men's jewellery grows by leaps and bounds, finding favour with men across a broad range of interest. Look at page 6 for gift selections that he will appreciate for years to come. Happy Shopping!



Doll Catalogue Out Now!

There are two things you can always rely on with Ashton-Drake heirloom recommendations. Firstly, in your loving arms you’ll cradle dolls that mimic real like so realistically, you'll need to look twice to know you're not holding a true-to-life little one. Secondly, our dolls are designed by world-acclaimed sculptures at the very peak of their artistic powers. Many are mothers and grandmothers themselves who bring a lifetime's worth of love into each of their designs. Turn to page 6 and meet Linda Murray's darling creations. It's a stunning combination of skill, imagination and a mother's love which has created some of the world's best loved heirloom dolls. Pages 10 – 11 showcase a selection of this year's most favoured figurines. You'll be amazed at the delicacy of each sculpt. Enjoy Browsing!



April Catalogue Out Now!

As this time of year, we always pause and remember two great heroes who make us proud time and again. As Anzac Day approaches, it's time to honour our diggers for the gift of freedom they have given us. On page 15 – 18, our Anzac tributes salute the servicemen and women from a century of campaigns. Each edition shines as a lasting symbol of sincere thanks. And with Mother's Day just around the concern, it's time to say 'thank you' to the greatest her of them all... Mum. With her love to guide us through life, we can't go wrong! Pages 4 – 7 feature a treasure trove of gift ideas which say 'thanks, Mum,' more eloquently than words ever could. Enjoy shopping!