Remembering Animals in War Silver Double Crown Coin

Remembering Animals in War Silver Double Crown Coin

Celebrate the heroic legacy of war animals with the exclusive 50mm silver coin. Featuring rich purple enamel, an embossed memorial portrait, and a poignant "Lest We Forget" reminder, this coin honors their bravery and enduring partnership with humans.

This exclusive Remembering Animals in War Silver Coin from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Embossed with poignant "Lest We Forget" memorial portrait.
  • Commemorative solid silver coin honours valiant war animals.
  • Richly enamelled purple poppy remembers their ultimate sacrifice.
50mm diameter weighing approx. 2 oz
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Each year, on the 24th of February, we honour the indispensable roles that animals have played in wars since WWI. These brave creatures often faced life-threatening dangers, yet their contributions were crucial. Horses, donkeys, mules, oxen, and elephants transported essential supplies and the wounded across perilous terrains. Pigeons delivered critical messages and provided aerial photography of enemy positions. Dogs undertook various tasks, from carrying messages through enemy lines undetected to search-and-rescue operations, laying telephone wires, and detecting mines and poisonous gases. Even canaries and dolphins played their parts, with canaries alerting troops to poisonous gases and dolphins locating underwater mines and rescuing stranded sailors. Amidst the horrors of war, many animals also served as pets, boosting the morale of weary soldiers. Advances in military technology have reduced these roles, but the bravery and sacrifice of these animals remain etched in our collective memory.

In tribute to these valiant creatures, the Bradford Exchange presents an exclusive 50mm solid silver coin, richly enamelled with a purple poppy. This commemorative piece honours the animals that gave their lives in combat, featuring a poignant embossed memorial portrait and the solemn reminder, "Lest We Forget." The coin's legend reads: "War animals have demonstrated true valour and an enduring partnership with humans. The bond is unbreakable, their sacrifice great." Crafted from Silver 999, with exquisite purple and black enamel embellishments, this 2-ounce coin is a fitting tribute to the courage and loyalty of war animals. It stands as a proud addition to any collection of militaria, symbolising the immense contributions of these animals and ensuring their legacy is revered for generations to come. Order now!


This exclusive Remembering Animals in War Silver Double Crown Coin from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Commemorative coin designed to honor the valour and contributions of animals in war since WWI.
  • Crafted from 999 silver with purple and black enamel embellishments.
  • Features a richly enamelled purple poppy, symbolizing remembrance of animals that sacrificed their lives in combat.
  • Embossed with a poignant memorial portrait and the phrase "Lest We Forget."
  • Carries a legend highlighting the bravery, partnership, and unbreakable bond between war animals and humans.
  • Diameter of 50 mm, making it a substantial piece for collectors.
  • Weighs 2 ounces, emphasizing its solid and valuable nature.
  • A meaningful addition to any militaria collection, celebrating the courage and loyalty of war animals.