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  1. Victoria Bitter Bar and Grill Wall Clock
    Victoria Bitter Bar and Grill Wall Clock
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  2. VB Panorama Gallery Editions Print
    VB Panorama Gallery Editions Print
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Victoria Bitter Memorabilia and Collectables Australia

For several decades in Australian culture, Victoria Bitter have risen the bar and surpassed other Australian beer brands to be considered the best beer in Australia. Over 160 years ago, since the first brew of VB, we consider this Australian beer to be the most popular beer in Australia. Victoria Bitter have been part of Australian culture since before we can remember! As one of the bestselling beers in Australia, we are proud of our affiliation with VB and we celebrate this iconic brand with a selection of our most requested Victoria Bitter editions. Our Victoria Bitter Golden Proof Ingot Collection honours the history of the proud Australian brand. Each ingot allows you to own a piece of Australian history, recreating the longevity and popularity of the superb Victoria Bitter brand. Get your hands on our Victoria Bitter merchandise every enthusiastic collector should have. Shop now!