Prince Harry & Princess Meghan

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  1. Royal Family-Inspired Simulated Amethyst Ring
    Royal Family-Inspired Simulated Amethyst Ring
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Celebrate the union of Prince Harry & Ms. Meghan Markle

We here at The Bradford Exchange are very excited to celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle on 19 May 2018. To celebrate this wondrous union across, countries, continents & cultures, we have selected for you a treasure trove of collectables dedicated to the newest royal couple.

Prince Harry (Henry Charles Albert David) represents the House of Windsor - a family that has ruled The British Empire for over 100 years. Members of the House of Windsor include the new Royal Baby Prince Louis, Prince George and elder sister Princess Charlotte. Rachel Meghan Markle is famous for her role in the popular television show ‘Suits’. This union across nations, cultures and accolades has captured the world and has been the most talked-about wedding for over a year. We, at The Bradford Exchange are the experts on everything ‘Royal’, and here is what we have to showcase to the world.

Let’s start with Prince Harry, reaching the rank of Captain, he has an impressive history of military service, we have plenty of memorable & respectful tributes to honour our fallen heroes, check out our Military Tributes including Lest We Forget, Gallipoli, Aviation, & more.

Meghan Markle is a famous American actress from Los Angeles California, also known as Hollywood. Similar to late future mother-in-law, Princess Diana, Meghan has become known for her dedication to charity work. It was in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada – the city where Meghan’s most famous appearance on the hit television show ‘Suits’ was filmed, that she met Prince Harry. The two instantly had a connection, and started talking every day, beginning in May 2016. Now, over two years later, they are finally to be wed, and we at The Bradford Exchange could not be more excited to be a part of the magic!

We at the Bradford Exchange have been the world's trusted source for collectables & memorabilia for over 45 years, we pride ourselves on providing the finest quality to our clients. As an example of our dedication & faith in this union, take a look at our amazing Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Coin Collection featuring St. George's Chapel where the elegant ceremony took place. Indulge yourself in royal beauty, magnificence, and glory with our Meghan Markle-Inspired engagement ring not available anywhere else! Enjoy shopping with the world's #1 source on the Royal Family.